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Safeguarding the environment is one of Sanofi’s responsibilities as a global healthcare partner.

Because we are focused on patients’ needs, reducing environmental risk is a natural part of our CSR practices.

Carbon footprint and energy consumption

One of Sanofi’s priority to reduce its environmental impact is to control our carbon footprint and reduce our energy consumption.
Since 2005, for every unit produced, the Group has decreased direct CO2 emissions by 8 % and indirect emissions by 17 %.

Our ethical approach to business 

At every level, our economic performance is founded on ethical practice, legal and regulatory compliance and high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

People: commited to all

As a socially responsible company, Sanofi is committed to our employees, customers, and many other stakeholders. This commitment is illustrated through our Code of Ethics and Social Charter, which are translated and distributed to employees worldwide. It is also conveyed in a strong sense of solidarity and respect.