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Content :

Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be a key player in providing industrial activities for third parties, either in supplying APIs and intermediates or as a Contract Manufacturing Organization (API & Pharma), thanks to:

  • A worldwide industrial network
  • A GMP policy which guarantees a high Quality level of products
  • A dedicated Regulatory support
  • A supply chain securisation
  • An integrated offer, flexible according to your needs

Our Values

Besides the Corporate values, CEPiA specifically focuses on Expertise, Respect and Innovation.

Expertise, because our business is driven by technology and specific fields of expertise. Through our technological offer, we create value for our customers’ projects.

Respect is a key value for CEPiA. Respect, in terms of Intellectual Property, respect in terms of timeframes as we well know the industrial constraints for our customers and the importance of production cycle times.

Innovation is a key driver for CEPiA. With our industrial experience, we are the right partner to convert an innovative concept into an industrial reality, to bring one idea to the market.