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History of Chinoin

The tradition of chemical and pharmaceutical academic sciences in Hungary provided a stable background for the foundation of several pharmaceutical companies. Amongst these, Chinoin’s more than hundred year tradition is unique.

Chinoin has been the fountain of innovation since its establishment in 1910, owning numerous patents worldwide and providing new drugs to patients and high-tech solutions for its partners. The dedication to the discovery of new therapeutical fields resulted in an intense research and development activity on Prostaglandins in the late 1970s. Chinoin was acquired by Sanofi in the mid 1990s.

The Prostaglandin activity is managed by a dedicated "Prostaglandins Business Unit" within CEPiA. Until today, the Prostaglandin Business Unit has successfully developed and industrialized several synthesis routes for natural and modified Prostaglandins. Thanks to the high level of expertise and diverse portfolio, we are now supplying high quality Prostaglandin APIs in 5 continents, in partnership with more than 50 companies.

The prostaglandin offer

For many years, we have produced one of the most complicated entities nature has ever created with industrial state-of-the-art chemistry. Our production is based on our own intermediate tree, so we are totally broad from external sources or suppliers.


  • Anticipation of market needs by continuous overview of worldwide marketed Prostaglandin APIs status
  • High level service of individual customer needs
  • Flexible, quick supply of broad range of Prostaglandin APIs
  • Worldwide marketed APIs
  • Broad experience in laboratory, pilot plant and commercial scale manufacturing
  • Multipurpose production lines, batch sizes up to 10 Kg API
  • Equipment sizes from 2 L up to 4 000 L
  • All operations are cGMP compliant, with proven record of seamless regular FDA inspections and customer audits
  • Quick and flexible development and scale-up of Prostaglandin production technologies

A complete offer

  • Supply of natural and modified Prostaglandin APIs from regular production
  • Flexible contractual relations: custom synthesis, exclusive agreements, capacity contracts
  • Process development and scale-up of new chemical entities
  • Furnishing impurities, degradation products, working standards to support partners in analytical activities
  • Constant high quality, in-house specifications above monograph levels
  • Regulatory process, DMF filling


The team of Prostaglandin Business Unit is committed to meet the growing demand of API market with:

  • Trained staff of 120, including 45 professionals with Masters and Ph.D. degrees
  • Multiple manufacturing and service areas providing flexibility and short lead-time
  • Development department specialized in experimental synthesis and scale-up
  • Analytical department highly skilled in method development, validation and stability studies
  • Quality Control department ensuring the high quality of the products
  • Marketing & Sales department with decades of routine in the field of international trade
  • Continuous evolution of product portfolio, containing most of the worldwide known Prostaglandin APIs