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Content :


Synthesis, a wide offer for multiple therapeutic areas

All the APIs proposed by the dedicated “Business Unit Synthesis” within CEPiA (more than 60) are still successfully marketed by Sanofi as Drug Products all around the world.
Any CEPiA customer benefits from the same highest quality levels, industrial know-how & expertise of the Sanofi Group.

Sanofi is a resulting combination of mergers and acquisitions of famous historical pharmaceutical companies that all contributed to the richness of our APIs portfolio:


was the first to synthetize the antipsychotic drug Chlorpromazine, which served as the prototype for the Phenothiazines class of drugs including Levomepromazine and Promethazine.


A wide range inheritated from Rhône-Poulenc R&D

  • For both Oral and Injectable applications
  • Regulatory documentation for EU, US, JP
  • Efficient packaging to protect products from light & humidity


Sanofi, the sole European API manufacturer fully integrated

  • 2 different salts offered: Na and Mg
  • Large volumes production
  • Several types of particle sizes adapted to various dosage forms (liquids, semi solids and solids)
  • Several packagings from cardboard folder boxes to Big Bags

Human recombinant insulin for cells culture

Get the benefit of one of the most important Insulins manufacturer to maximize the performance of your mammalian cells lines

  • Same Insulin as the one used as API
  • Reproducible and consistent production
  • Regulatory compliance (EU and US Pharmacopoeias, US DMF)
  • Animal Free product
  • Various packagings / from 50g to several kg.
  • Directly from manufacturer to customer with full control of the cold chain (-20°C)

Articaine HCl

CEPiA: the leader of the Articaine API market

  • A dental local anaesthetics highly efficient with limited side effects thanks to its additionnal ester group
  • A full regulatory documentation to support worldwide registration
  • Very low Iron content specifications, suitable for a use in combination with epinephrine
  • Manufactured in a Sanofi dedicated and high capacity FDA approved workshop