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API & Intermediates supplier

To provide high quality pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

More than 200 APIs on catalogue sold in more than 80 countries, manufactured in 16 Sanofi chemical & biotech sites thanks to 200 CEPiA collaborators close to you.

CEPiA Sales is a Sanofi activity dedicated to manufacturing and supply of a broad range of APIs available on a catalogue basis. By employing its exhaustive industrial capabilities and other resources expected of large pharma, CEPiA offers high quality pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.

CEPiA offers high quality pharmaceutical Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients:

  • From traditional chemistry to biotechnology
  • From small scale to large scale production
  • Various grades of APIs (sieving, milling, micronization…)
  • Knowledge & expertise sharing from Sanofi network
  • Sustainable Development and Ethical Chart
  • From Sanofi sites regularly inspected by international Health Authorities with success
  • Regulatory & Quality standards
  • Regulatory & Quality support with dedicated team