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Content :

Biotech Offer

For over 60 years, Sanofi has been a leader in the field of large-scale fermentation with the production of vitamins, antibiotics and steroids. In the 1980’s, the production of recombinant peptides and hormones have been a pillar of growth for the company.

With our strong know-how, we offer you our expertise to work with you on your project regarding:

  • Microorganism fermentation and extraction:
    • Production and purification of therapeutic proteins and enzymes: Fermentation / plant extraction / animal origin

CEPiA offers a broad range of services to achieve your success:

  • Flexible and innovative solution
  • Continuous process and cost improvement using latest innovation
  • Biosafety risk assessment done by viral experts
  • Fill & finish facilities to offer one-stop-shop (liquid and lyophilized vials, injectable syringes)
  • Specific analytical expertise (to characterize and release material)