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Sanofi has been involved in oligosaccharide chemistry for more than 20 years

Sanofi has been involved in oligosaccharide chemistry since the 90’s and is recognized as a worldwide leader in API manufacturing in this field.

Amongst this family of very active anti-thrombotic derivatives, Sanofi developed and marketed semisynthetic or fully synthetic heparinoïds.

For the fully synthetic oligosaccharides, Sanofi has developed complex molecules which manufacture requires a high number of chemical steps (up to 80 chemical steps).

For your projects, we develop a synergetic approach using a common building-blocks strategy based on our worldwide industrial network.

Our facilities are located in Sisteron (France), Aramon (France) and Ujpest (Hungary).

Main advantages:

  • Minimize the number of chemical intermediates
  • Reduce lead time
  • Increase security of supply
  • Optimize cost of goods.

More than 200 chemical steps have been developed by our teams and more than 100 experts have been involved to ensure a high level of performance on this very specific chemistry being able to manage even at production scale:

In addition, our analytical department fully supports these development activities with:

  • Chromatography techniques (HPLC, GC, IC, CE) with specific detection for molecules without UV absorption
  • Mass spectrometry (Q-TOF, TOF, Ion-trap) and NMR (500 MHz and 300 MHz) to elucidate very complex chemical structures

Laboratories for oligosaccharide synthesis and analysis:

  • Kilolab facilities for production of small scale batches to support phase I to phase III clinical studies
  • Kiloprep facilities for normal, reverse phase chromatography: Prochrom systems (50 to 300 mm)
  • Pilot plant and production facilities: from 50 L to 6 000 L
  • Ion exchange dedicated purification facilities from grams to kilograms of APIs