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Pharmaceutical Spray Drying

Our Haverhill/UK site has extensive experience in cGMP pharmaceutical spray drying with capacity to support product requirements from clinical trials to large commercial scale. The site supports development and scale up activities from lab to industrial scale and has a comprehensive range of related analytical capabilities. Haverhill operates to cGMP and is regularly inspected by regulatory authorities.

Poor API Solubility - especially among new chemical entities - poses a growing challenge and significant hurdle for efficient drug product formulations and drug delivery, in particular for oral dose forms. Pharmaceutical Spray Drying is an established, robust technology and a method of choice to address these issues with broad API type applicability under mild operating conditions.


Expertise & Equipment :

  • Spray drying capabilities from hundreds of kg/year to 2,000 mt/year
  • Spray drying capabilities for lab, intermediate and large scale manufacturing operations
  • Feedstock can be received in solid or liquid form
  • Handling of flammable powders with nitrogen inertion system and explosion suppression system
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) such as NIR, Raman, Mid-IR, UV
  • In addition to typical standard analytical capabilities (GC, HPLC, MS, NMR, etc.), we can conduct particle size distribution and particle morphology, bulk tap density, feed density and feed concentration, rheometry, differential scanning calometry and thermogavimetric analysis

Download Pharmaceutical Spray Drying Brochure :

Pharmaceutical spray Drying


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